Streamline Your Software Delivery Pipeline with DevOps Artifacts: A Comprehensive Use Case”

DevOps artifacts play a critical role in software development and deployment processes. Here’s an example of how they can be used in a real-world scenario:

Consider a software development team that uses a DevOps approach to create and deploy applications. The team follows an agile development process, which means that the development and testing activities are integrated into each sprint, and the application is released continuously.

To ensure a smooth and efficient development and deployment process, the team uses DevOps artifacts such as build scripts, deployment scripts, and configuration files. These artifacts enable the team to automate the build, test, and deployment processes, resulting in faster release cycles, improved quality, and reduced manual effort.

For instance, when the team needs to deploy a new feature, they create a build script that compiles the code, runs automated tests, and packages the application into a container. This build script is then stored in a repository as an artifact.

The deployment script, which is also stored in the artifact repository, is used to automate the deployment process. It contains all the necessary instructions for deploying the containerized application to various environments, such as staging, testing, and production.

Furthermore, the team uses configuration files as artifacts to manage environment-specific configurations. These files are also stored in the artifact repository and are automatically deployed along with the application.

By using DevOps artifacts, the team can easily manage and automate the development and deployment processes, resulting in improved efficiency, faster time to market, and higher quality applications.


Leaping towards the Sales Target

Just realised that we are leaping towards the sales target on a Leap year day…

Though we have planned to accomplish the target way ahead and derived strategies to accomplish the target, we became complacent in between…

But it is good to see folks working as a team to accomplish the target at any cost before the end of the day…

Now we are to cover the last mile and just 2% short of our target… Wish we could accomplish this in less than an hour… Now we are;

  • Aggressively following up with customers…
  • Calling new prospects…
  • Trying to Cross Sell & Up Sell to existing customers..
  • Pushing customer on Live Chat…

If folks accomplish the target I’ve planned to offer a surprise to my CTO!!!

Walk in Interview @ Madurai: For PHP, CSS, iOS, Android, Sys Admin,Business Analyst and Business Development Executive

Cogzidel Technologies announces a walk-in for the freshers at the below mentioned venue on Saturday, April 4, 2015.
 PHP, iOS, Android Developers 

Interview Details:

Company : Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited
Date : Saturday, April 4, 2015
Time : 10.00 am to 5.30 pm IST
Venue : No:184 North Veli Street,
Madura Complex,
First floor, Opp Duke Hotel

Contact Number : 0452-4282000

Contact Person : Dinesh Kumar

Mail your resume :

Opening 1 :

iOS / Android Developers

Skills required:

Strong knowledge in C,C++,Objective C,Swift,Java. Basic knowledge in MySQL.


Any UG/PG degree

Opening 2 :


Skills required:

Strong knowledge in C,C++,Java. Basic knowledge in Oracle, MySQL. Exposure to PHP is preferable.


Any UG/PG degree

Opening 3 :

Business Analyst

Skills required:

Excellent Oral and Written Communication



Opening 4 :

Business Development Executive

Skills required:

Excellent written and oral communication, social media maven, excellent selling and negotiation skills


Any degree but M.B.A(Marketing) preferable

Opening 5 :

System Admin

Skills required:

Good Knowledge in Linux and Windows, Basic knowledge in networking


Any UG/PG degree

The Hindu covers our CTO’s speech at Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College

The Hindu covers the speech given by our CTO Mr.Swaminathan on PLACEMENT AWARENESS PROGRAMME

Here is the link;

The Screenshot!!


The Article!!

The Training and Placement Cell of Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College, Arasanoor, conducted a two-day placement awareness programme on “Bridging the gap between Institute and Industry” on July 17 and 18. S.P. Varadharajan presided over the function. Principal K. Kannan, welcomed the gathering.

Chief guest K. Swaminathan, CTO and Director of Cogzidel Technologies, in his special address, emphasised the basic concepts of attending the interviews. He also called attention to Dos and Don’ts in the corporate culture and motivated the students towards participation in placement campaign.

R. Deepak, Business Process Manager, G. Arun Kumar, Quality Analyst, and S.M.B. Rithik, HR & Admin Executive, were also present. Final-year students of CSE, ECE, EEE and IT participated in the event.