Autobiography or Confessionbiography?

I see lot of celebrities writing an autobiography where in they use it as a tool to make all their confessions. I know they do it for obvious reasons as to make cheap publicity to boost the sale of the book.

Latest on the list is Andre Agassi who has confessed using performance enhancing drug while is playing days.

There are other stories where cricketers confessing of tampering balls, fooling umpires of run outs. Politicians telling the malpractices did by others or the change in their ideology.

Over all what I can’t tolerate is why these people don’t have the back bone to confess it when they are doing it. We can accept their confession if there is not commercial benefit involved in the form of book publishing.

Already they have made fool of us and again they try to make us fools by making us to buy their books. To put an end to all this we must take stern action. In the case of Agassi if we ask him to pay back all the prize money he earned winning matches and return all the medals and honors he has received in his playing days. Is this is done to one person for sure others will stop doing such cheap things and even if they do they will hesitate to write auto biography.

If strict action is not taken now Autobiographies will become Confessionbiographies to make cheap publicity or monitory gains.

It would be nice if media or news makers stop publicizing such cheap things.


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