3 Idiots must be a wrong name

Yesterday 3 idiots from Chennai went to watch the movie 3 idiots & I can say we were real idiots. I don’t know how come a person like Amir & Madhavan be called idiots as they showed class in their acting as well as they were not idiots in the movie as well.

I’m must say this movie will find a place in my all time favorite list. It is nice to see how film makers are taking reality by showing things which were our own experience.

I can very much relate my life with that of R.Madhavan in the movie I was not interested in studies but I wanted to be a Don or Sportsperson. I was an athlete & a football player and I represented zonal. Owing to my poor performance in my academics my parents didn’t permit to play and I had to succumb to my parents. I can accept no parent want their kids to be donJ.

Then same happened when I wanted ventured into entrepreneurship. But this time I went bravely to my parents and spoke my heart.

Coming back to the movie it was a great mix of motivation, fun, humor, emotion & music. I must say Amir Khan is taking Indian cinemas to new dimensions and no wonder the movie her grossed 120 crore in 4 days.

Also we must give due credits to rest of the cast as i see no one has done a mediocre performance.

I wish the movie to be more successful.


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