Recollecting 2009 resolutions

We are approaching the end of 2009 and this last day i want to recollect all the resolutions i had for 2009 and how successful am i in full filling those resolutions. Let me list the resolutions;

Resolution 1: Lead a simple life.

As per this resolution i wanted to lead a simple life where in i didn’t to board Auto-rickshaws, Flights, Taxi’s. So i travel through cheapest traveling option. To my satisfaction I can say I full filled this resolution as an individual. I think my CFO Mr.Bala Murugan is the best person to endorse this :).

Then not to purchase Gadgets, expensive dresses etc. Again you can endorse my success in this by seeing my Mobile phone which i was forced to buy because my old one was dead. Yes i got a mobile for Rs.1800/- only.

Resolution 2: To Blog Regularly.

Again you readers can endorse me by seeing my Blog Logs. I’m happy to full fill this resolution too.

Resolution 3: To have more Vagabond trips.

Starting this year i had lot of Vagabond trips to places like KanniyaKumaru, Munnar, Coimbatore, Kodaikanal, Thirunelveli & Theni. Then after May i wanted to take a break for 3 months because of summer. Sadly this year it was a long summer as heat waves lasted till October. So i can say i was 50% successful in full filling this resolution too.

Resolution 4: Workout and have a good physique.

Let me confess i failed miserably in this :(. I worked out promptly till May then after that i went back to dogs.

Resolution 5: Build my Networks.

  • With the help of Mr.Bala Murugan i got hold of lots of friends & acquaintance in business.
  • I went to Madurai without any friends and today i can say i’ve atleast 100+ friends at madurai and thanks to Sathish & Maverick Fitness Center.
  • Then with the help of my friend Roshan & Inshape Fitness Studio i got linked with lots of Celebrities.
  • Lots of friends through Twitter, Linkedin, Peerpower & Facebook.

So i can give a pass mark for this resolution too.

Resolution 6: To get a groove into CCS as it is a new zone for me.

  • After bootstrapping in a shared office, we have moved in to our own office.
  • With clients in all the services (other than franchise) we offer.
  • Breaking-even for last 3 months.
  • Increasing the team count for CCS.

I must say I’m happy with this resolution too.

To conclude this is the first year where in i’ve a pass mark to my resolutions and also this is the first year where in i’ve a list of resolutions too. Now it is time to sit and rework on another set of resolutions and wish i blog the experience of coming years resolution same day same time.

Until then wish to be successful in accommpolishing next year resolutions too.

Wish you all a happy 2010.


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