Finally BNI has landed in Chennai

Last year same time me & Bala went to Bangalore to attend 2 BNI meetings and we were really startled to see the way networking and business happened there… We were very much worried that Chennai didn’t have one and we thought of taking rights for Chennai. Unfortunately costs were too high for us to offer.

A month my old time college mate, now a client & friend Mr.Raghavan has taken rights for Chennai and he has successfully conducted 3 meetings at Hotel Courtyard Marriott. I must say that Raghavan has brought to Chennai some pride and we must thank him. We all must see to it that he makes this initiative a grand success…

So, for those who are all new to BNI. Here is a small FAQ;

What is BNI?

BNI is a place / platform where we convert our contacts into contracts!

Already 9 people have enrolled for many categories and hurry to enroll your category. 

For more details shoot an email to Mr.Raghavan


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