First temple visit of 2010 is Tirumala

A long time plan to visit to Tirumala with my parents, Raghu’s family, Ravi’s family & Prasad’s family got momentum during last week of December. Then after confusions because of Andra volatility things got sloppy and we did know if this trip was on till last moment. Anyways Prasad asked me to make it anyways. Since my parents were unable to make it I came along with my friend. 

So initial plan was to start by 6 o clock from Chennai in Indigo Marina and hand over the car to a driver so that he can pickup raghu and prasad’s family in the morning. Owing to lot of official work we started from office in my Zen by 8.30 and had to fix my puncher wheel. Since the tube was torn we had to replace the tube. I asked Suresh to drop me in my house and asked him to fix the puncher. He returned back by 9:30 and my father parked Indogo Marina in my uncle’s house as some household work was going on. So unable to take Marina out and we had to settle with Zen. 

Then while filling petrol I remembered that I forgot to pick my data-card. Then went back to home collected it and returned and we had dinner at Motel Highway in Poonamallee. Once when we were out it was 11.30 PM. Then got a call from Prasad and he said Tirumala road will be closed between 1 – 4 AM. So we decided to drive slowly. We were driving at 40 Kmph and still we reached Tirupathi by 2.30. We decided to  sleep in the car and we thought we can pick raghu and drive to the hill. 

En route Suresh wanted to know my entrepreneur journey and I was narrating my experience till date. Since I didn’t sleep the previous night I was tired but restrained from sleeping because I didn’t want to make Suresh drive alone. On reaching Tirupathi I slept immediately. We started taking snaps on reaching Andra Border. 

As a surprise Prasad arranged for a VIP darshan by 7 o clock in the morning. We had no time to relax and we all got ready in 30 min and we all went to temple. We had very good darshan where in we were able to see the lord at a distance of 5 – 8 feet. We were blessed to get the arathi & able to see lords feet. Also we had a glimpse of lord for 5+ minutes. It is all a blessing as these opportunities are not easy to come. Also we had a bones of worshiping along with actress Rambha. 

Then we were very tired and we slept for six hours and we missed a visit to goto Tiruchanur and worship Thayar. Again by 6 o clock we had another VIP darshan. Again we got same things what we got in the morning & since we were with Prasad we got some more privilages like getting different varieties of prasadam. Again this time we had the opportunity to prey along with Director Cheran, Actor Dr.Rajashekar, Actress Jeevitha and Actor Tarun. From there we went for dinner and then returned to Guest House. 

On returning we to guest house we changed the costumes, made some calls, checked mails & then myself & Suresh though of going to walk and I usually do this when I go to any place. We started hunting for good photogenic places and we were taking some snaps. On this pursuit we lost the route and we were repeatedly getting lost. After finding the correct route we found the Goa movie team as they were hunting for a hotel for dinner and time was 1.15 AM. We requested them for a snap and they acknowledged. I don’t know if they were lucky to find a good hotel at that time. 

Now reached the room and it is time to sleep and wake up by 6 for next darshan.


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