Chennai Sangamam Rocks

Yesterday myself and Bala were working from home as business was sluggish because of Pongal Holidays. Then i got a call from a Sales guy who said he will visit our office by 4 PM to explain his product.

Me & Bala reached office by 4 PM and then we got a call from that guy telling he cant make it for the day. Then Bala asked if we can goto Chennai Sangamam & without any hesitation i agreed because.

  • Unable to hang out with Bala these days.
  • I missed last 2 Chennai Sangamam & i badly wanted to make it.

Then after attending some unexpected visitors & after picking some calls we left to Natesan Park Sangamam. It was a great for ones eyes to see lights decoration on the entire stretch of Venkarnarayana Road.

We parked the car on a near by road as the stretch was blocked & immediately i started clicking snaps. We enjoyed some half a kilometer walk by seeing the decorations.

On entering the park we were greeted by the aroma of food stalls on the entrance. Then a common welcome from Usman Road shop owners who sponsored the show. We entered the park watching People applying mehandhi, listening to astrology (Kili Josiyam & Regai Josiyam) all these are traditional astrological methods.

Then we went to watch a Mahabarath play. To be frank i’ve never seen a theru koothu / stage plays in my life. I’ve read all about these in books which says these were Tamilian Culture. I was very happy to get a glimpse of things which i’ve just imagined and I felt i must be lucky to see these things in my life time.

Also i’ve read a lot about how these traditional entertainers once were burnt because of cinemas, modern day technology like TV, internet. They find it hard to continue there generational livelihood and how they come out to make a better living. Such events makes audiences feel happy and also the it gives an opportunity to these Kalainargal (Artists) to make a living.

There different types of entertainment showcased like;

  • Oyilattam
  • Kuyilattam
  • Nerupuattam
  • Stage Plays
  • Street Plays
  • Poi Kal Kudurai
  • Thappata
  • Veera Saagasangal

and more types of traditional performances. When audiences & reporters flooded for a photo with them. These artists who were ignored for long felt happy to oblige an pose for photos and videos. Also people encouraged then by shouting, whistling etc.

Talking about the crowd, there were people from all status of life and i saw a bunch of elite crowd. Also there were foreigners who flooded to the show.

Then there were stalls from 5 star hotels to home cooked stalls which offered delicious traditional foods which were a gift to ones taste buds.

I must thank Ms.Kanimozhi for initiating such a spectacular even and making it a grand success. My only wish is to see this as a non-political even thought this was envisioned by someone with political background. I wish even if government changes this event continues.

While returning i came out as a happy man & a proud tamilian to  watch our old traditions & entertainment medias.


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