Why Petrol Bunk Operators cheat???

I’ve many experience of getting tricked by petrol pump operators and I must blame myself because it all happens because of my impatience.

Last Sunday while returning from a Movie I went to a HP petrol station in Guindy to load GAS. I asked that guy to fill it for 1000 bucks. He filled it for 300 bucks and he had cut it and then when i told him it is for 700 bucks he again filled it.

After making the payment i started the car and while driving i realized the tank indicator was only half way. I know i was tricked I was so angry and i wanted to get back and show my piece of mind.

Then i proceeded back home because;

  • I was almost near to my house.
  • Time was 3 AM.
  • I was not sure if i can get justice form these guys.

For me this is happening for Nth number of time and still I’m not learning from my mistake.

Same thing happened in Bharat Petrolium in Tirupathi. But that time my friend Suresh was there and he took the pump operators for a toss and they immediately accepted their mistake and filled the balance.

Now the question i’ve is how can we prove it that the operator has not filled to the value we have paid. If someone can give me the hack i can give back to operators who trick customers.

So these are the Petrol Stations that is known for cheating;

  • IOC Station ECR Kottivakkam.
  • HP Station near to Guindy Railway Station.

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