CSI’s New Office

It is always nice to see companies which you have whished to flourish well coming up in a great fashion. Yesterday was the office warming ceremony of Contus Support Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

This company was founded 2 years back by a bunch of my friends and today they have crossed a milestone in their life. When I was out from the company I founded and till I started Cogzidel I was consulting these folks.

I’m emotionally attached with this company as I was there since its inception and it helped me to divert myself from all the problems I was facing during that time. Even today I interact with the founders and pass on my suggestions and they reciprocate the gesture.

I must give credits to the entire founding team as they took the risk of quitting their high paid jobs from companies like TCS, Accenture, IBM, Southerland, Slash Support etc.

Today they have proved their critics wrong and have made their well wishers proud. Soon they will be moving to this cool office and I think it must be a treat for all their employees.

I wish Contus & team all the very best for their future endowers.


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