At Aavin Adyar

I’m waiting opposite to Aavin parlor in adyar. I think I’ve to write about this place as my mother use to say that she use to hangout with her friends during 1970’s.

She use to tell me a 1000 times that she use to drink a flavored milk for 25 paisa (today it costs Rs.10/-).

Then as a kid I use to come here to have my favorite ice-creams and flavored milks.

Then this became a spot when I was in college and till date.

This has become a place of history and to my knowledge it exists for 4 decades.

Since I was waiting here I thought I can do something useful by sharing the bond I carry for this place. Also I wanted to experiment adding image to a blog post through mobile. You have to excuse for the dark image as I’ve to explore using camera with mu BlackBerry.


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