Boring Start & Happy Ending

Yesterday was one fine day where in i was clueless on what to do. My sleeping hours have come down and got up by 10 AM. Since it was too hot outside i had no choice. So i was;

  • I did self Oil Massage to bring down body heat…
  • Then Learned how to do Pedicure from my sister…
  • Finally was watching some Tamil dubbed english movie…

Then it was 3 PM and got a call from Kavi and he asked me to pick him. With no thinking i started and picked him from his office. As usual we had no clue on what to do. I started driving through ECR and after getting the toll we decided to goto Mahabalipuram have Dinner at Moon Rackers and then watch a movie at Mayajaal and return back.

In-between we had some delicious Tadgola to cool our body during a hot day.

While driving we came across a Banner Off Road ECR before Mahabalipuram. It is here we waited for an hour to get a chance to ride this Bike which lasted for 2 min. Then while returning my car got struck on the mud and we had to get the assistance from the people working on there to rescue us.

By this time we were drenched with sweat and we drove to Mahabs and we had good dinner at Moon Rackers and returned. We didn’t have any new movies to watch at Mayajaal and we came to city and gave a try at PVR cinemas and again no luck.

Then we went to Freeze Zone to have some Kulfis. The place was too crowded and it took us 20 min to get a Kulfi. We entered the place by 10.30 PM and came out by 11.15PM…

Then i dropped Kavi at his office and returned. Finally i ended the day with a Happy note.


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