Thekkady Experience

It was a hectic month of April and we slogged and finally reached our Months target. But excessive work load and personal financial commitments took its tool and I started suffering from severe Fatigue. I was able to feel it as i was unable to take decisions, my planning were slow and really i was unable to work. I badly wanted a break.

Then i called my friend Laxman and asked him if we can go for a vacation. Again I was not in a position to loose any of the working day. Since it was vacation Laxman, Sathish & I decided to goto Thekkady, Kumily. We started our drive from Madurai by 8 AM on Saturday.

Kumily is just 120 KM from Madurai and we reached the place in 2 hours in spite of having breakfast in a place near Madurai. This place is special for Mutton dishes and no other dish would be available here. Since i’m a Veggie i had to settle with Papad, Vegetables & Curd.

Upon reaching Kumily we went to a resort named Greenwoods and we were given a authentic welcome. I’ve seen such welcome given to Cricket players in airport or at hotels. We were welcomed by offering a jasmine garland, keeping a sandal bindi & tender coconut water.

The we checked in the room and we immediately proceeded to Pool, the playing room & then we drove some 15 KM towards Kattapana to taste Toddy. But the toddy was old one and it took a tool on our stomach immediately. Then we returned to resort and started partying.

Then next day morning i had good Keraly ayurvedic Massage to reduce the body heat and immediately we proceeded to Thekkady. But the park was closed due to over rush. But we made some shopping and we were stratled to see how place was changed. I’ve been here 20 years back as a child and it has none of what the place sports now. The lodge we stayed was bad. But this time there were many 5 star resorts & Hotels, Shops etc.

On returning we vacated the room and we drove back to Madurai. En route we made a halt near a Vinyard in Cumban and brought some fresh grapes & drank some fresh grape juice. From there we drove non-stop to Madurai and reached Madurai by 4 PM on Sunday.

I must say this 2 days stay really was rejuvenating and bought me back to my routine & fresh. This trip was really exciting as it was not a tedious journey as it is just 2 hours drive from Madurai and also the the travel is a gift to ones eye as we have to cross lust green farms, mountains, vineyards, rivers et more.

Also Greenwoods Resort provided a great experience. When every i want a break i’ve planned to simply goto Kumily & stay in Greenwoods Resort for 2 days and i can be back fresh.


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