All that’s LEFT

Map of Communist Ruled State in India!!

This is what is left of the Left parties in India!!


Identifying different States/Cities in India

Scenario 1: Two guys are  fighting & a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on..

That’s MUMBAI!!

Scenario 2: Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along and tries to make peace.. The first two get together and beat him up..

That’s CHENNAI!!!

Scenario 3: Two guys fighting and third guy comes from a nearby house and says “don’t fight in front of my place, go somewhere else.” 


Scenario 4: Two guys fighting third guy comes along with a carton of beer.. All sit together drink beer and abuse each other and go home as friends..

You are definitely in GOA!!!

Scenario 5: Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out & call their friends on their mobiles.. Now 50 guys are fighting..

You are in PUNJAB!!!

Scenario 6: Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and shoots both of them.. 

You are in BIHAR!!!

Scenario 7: Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and finds if his cast then beat other cast guy..

Then you are in Andhra Pradesh!!!

Ultimate Scenario: Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch.. A guy comes along and quietly opens a tea stall there..

That’s KERALA!!!

Temple Visit to Kerala

I woke by 3.45 AM & was the got ready by time… With the help of Hotel’s watchman we had everything ready in place at Devi Temple, Kadampuza…

I admit Kerala temple’s are the best place for worship as temples are maintained clean, devotees are disciplined & priests are not money minded… All these gives best divine experience unlike temples in Tamil Nadu…

We finished preying & were back to the hotel by 7 & we had our Breakfast, checked out & immediately drove to Thirumanthakunnu Templein Angadipuram which was an hours drive from Devi Temple…

We reached by 8.15 & we had a glimpse at the or all gods & goddesses… Then we had to wait until 10.30 AM for Mangalya Pooja…

It was well organised pooja where all girls & boys who wants to get married were asked to stand in the entrance of Ganesh Temple & after a 20 min of pooja we had to wait and collect prasadam… I asked my mom to collect the prasadam & I went to the car to take some rest…

Half an hour later my mom came with 4 prasadams (2 payasam, 1 box of white rice & 20 pieces of adhirasam)… This was enough for Lunch for four & still we had prasadams to carry back…

From there I drove back to Coimbatore by 3 o clock… Immediately we started to see some places near Coimbatore… This experience will be blogged separately….

Trip to Varkala

It was a sudden plan to Varkala Beach in Kerala… I didn’t do much research about the place but i brought the point of my friend Laxman who is a planned person and he does his homework before doing something… So, i’m a smart worker & blindly follow my friend and he has never gone wrong…

Though we planned at the last moment it was very wavering because of Manoj… But when Laxman decides something he will push people and will make it happen somehow & he convinced Manoj to make it… Then I got a call from Sathish asking if we must make it for sure… I said i’m going to go for it because I hate being wavering & he followed me… Only while boarding the train we came to know that he met with an accident and had scratches all over his body…

Then again there was a setback because the Laxman’s service manager said he can’t deliver the car by evening… So, we decided to go by train… When we went to buy the ticket we were shocked to know that the ticket costs just Rs.110/- per person and we had saved a lot on Petrol, Car Lag etc ;)… But the travel time was double than driving distance because train travelled on a U direction…

Train started 30 minutes behind schedule  & I crashed by 11.30 PM & got up by 8 AM by hearing sweet malayalam speech by cute looking Mallu girls… Train reached Varkala one hour behind schedule & we reached the place by 9 AM…

Then we travelled in an auto-rickshaw & reached out Hotel Hill View… One reaching the spot I’ve no words to tell about the place… It is an hill with Arabian Sea below & what a marvel to ones eyes… We got a Sea facing room & after refreshing we all went to take a Dip on the sea and we had our Lunch…

Again we reached our hotel took a shower & now am blogging… After this we are going for shopping on the sea view shops and  we got an invite from a friend for late night party… Tomorrow will go for an ayurvedic massage & by evening am traveling back to Chennai…

Since there is Wi-Fi in the hotel & because of BlackBerry my work didn’t get affected… So, it is a double delight & enjoyed a lot till now…

Alleppey Experience

It was very stressful and I went to Kumily along with my Madurai 3 weeks back. There we planned & decided to goto Alleppey, Alapuzzha & spend a day in House Boat. From then we were counting days the day. I travelled to Madurai last Thursday and reached Madurai. Then following are the events that happened;

  • Reached Madurai refreshed & Took bath.
  • Then went to Manoj’s juice shop and Laxman picked me up in 10 min.
  • From there we went to a supermarket and made some purchase.
  • From there went to Marverick GYM met friends & asked Sathish to get ready.
  • Then went back to Manoj’s house and picked him form there.
  • Manoj went to attend a small Shop-opening & Laxman and I went to Medical shop and brought some medicines.
  • Then went to Toddy shop has toddy.
  • Picked up Sathish & started to drive to Alleppey by 12 noon.

We took Theni, Cumbam, Kimily – Alleppey road which is a Ghat Road. As usual it was a pleasent Gods own Country and i’m thrilled to see houses which were big and small towns having good looking girls, posh houses, good roads etc.

As usual it was Laxman driving style which made me & sathish sick and we had to sleep to avoid side effects. After hectic 6 hours drive we reached Alleppey with the help of Google Maps which navigated us to the place.

Then we stayed in a hotel called Arcadia Regency. To be frank it was a good hotel in apprearance otherwise;

  • It had a swimming pool which was small & poorly maintained.
  • Rooms were very average with flickering lights.
  • Toilets were average too.
  • Service was also poor.

But we had a wonderful party & we all crashed to sleep without our conscious and i was the first to crash to bed. Then it was Laxman & I who got up early in the morning and then we went to buy fish for people who are Non-Veg and wanted to have Sea food. We first went to the beach and we were told catching was poor that day and the minimal amount of fish they caught had to sent to the market. We immediately went to the market and brought different verity of fish & crabs for Rs.5000/-.

Then we had a swim in the hotel swimming pool and we proceeded to board our House Boat and we were 3 hours late.

We sailed some 50 KM that day before we halted by 6 PM. Again it was great fun and we all were partying hard and last guys to crash were Laxman & I. Then i slept in the morning and got up a hour before we landed again.

Over all it was a great experience because we went with friends. But it has other challenges too like;

  • Sathish went ill and he is hospitalized for last four days because of food poisoning.
  • Rooban got hold of Malaria.
  • This was not the right time to travel as it was too hot and not enjoyable. But tariff of house boat are at its low because it was off season.
  • One great lesson too. We went there thought a friend and he arranged a boat for us and they charged us Rs.9000/- for house boat for a day. But when went enquired later the charge for the boat was Rs.6000/- only. So visit different House Boat  agents and take best call.

Other than that it was a great experience and here are some snaps of our House Boat;

Laxman & I (Me wearing CSK Jersey)

Way to the Room & Kitchen

Hall with Dinning Table & Television

Front View of House Boat. Rooban & Manoj in the terrace.

Thekkady Experience

It was a hectic month of April and we slogged and finally reached our Months target. But excessive work load and personal financial commitments took its tool and I started suffering from severe Fatigue. I was able to feel it as i was unable to take decisions, my planning were slow and really i was unable to work. I badly wanted a break.

Then i called my friend Laxman and asked him if we can go for a vacation. Again I was not in a position to loose any of the working day. Since it was vacation Laxman, Sathish & I decided to goto Thekkady, Kumily. We started our drive from Madurai by 8 AM on Saturday.

Kumily is just 120 KM from Madurai and we reached the place in 2 hours in spite of having breakfast in a place near Madurai. This place is special for Mutton dishes and no other dish would be available here. Since i’m a Veggie i had to settle with Papad, Vegetables & Curd.

Upon reaching Kumily we went to a resort named Greenwoods and we were given a authentic welcome. I’ve seen such welcome given to Cricket players in airport or at hotels. We were welcomed by offering a jasmine garland, keeping a sandal bindi & tender coconut water.

The we checked in the room and we immediately proceeded to Pool, the playing room & then we drove some 15 KM towards Kattapana to taste Toddy. But the toddy was old one and it took a tool on our stomach immediately. Then we returned to resort and started partying.

Then next day morning i had good Keraly ayurvedic Massage to reduce the body heat and immediately we proceeded to Thekkady. But the park was closed due to over rush. But we made some shopping and we were stratled to see how place was changed. I’ve been here 20 years back as a child and it has none of what the place sports now. The lodge we stayed was bad. But this time there were many 5 star resorts & Hotels, Shops etc.

On returning we vacated the room and we drove back to Madurai. En route we made a halt near a Vinyard in Cumban and brought some fresh grapes & drank some fresh grape juice. From there we drove non-stop to Madurai and reached Madurai by 4 PM on Sunday.

I must say this 2 days stay really was rejuvenating and bought me back to my routine & fresh. This trip was really exciting as it was not a tedious journey as it is just 2 hours drive from Madurai and also the the travel is a gift to ones eye as we have to cross lust green farms, mountains, vineyards, rivers et more.

Also Greenwoods Resort provided a great experience. When every i want a break i’ve planned to simply goto Kumily & stay in Greenwoods Resort for 2 days and i can be back fresh.

My Palkad Visit!!!

I started my vagabond trips from Saturday and I decided to start it from Coimbatore. I boarded a local bus from Madurai by 6 PM on Saturday and reached Coimbatore by 11PM. I slept that night in my uncle’s house and woke up by 10 o clock. Then there as a discussion on which place to go and my aunty suggested Lingam temple in Isha Foundation at Velliangiri Hills. Instead I wanted to vit palakad for a long time and my aunty said we can goto MeenKulathi Amman temple. We freezed the spot and we started by 12 noon.

Kerala is just 20 KM from Coimbatore and immediately touching Kerala’s border we felt the difference. The place is pitch green and we non-stop South-West monsoon welcomed us. Then I drove enjoying the greenery, rain on the nicely laid highway roads.

On reaching Palakad my uncle called his colleague to know the rout to temple and while calling him we can to know temple opens only by 5.30 PM. Having no choice we had to accept the invitation of my uncle’s colleague to visit his house which is a village some 25 KM from Palakad and 7 KM from temple.

En route to his house from Palakad I got startled by seeing the nature’s gift this Gods Own Country has which was Full of greenery, water ways, ponds and beautiful houses.

Then reached my uncles colleagues house which has a pond right behind his house and a scenic view of multiple falls which flows from the hills of Nelliyampthi. It seems Nelliyampthi is a nice Hill Station which is still not famous and I’m planning for a visit there soon. Then spoke to Mr. Colleague’s father who was talking about their Tamil roots and how they migrated to Kerala.

Then it was 5.30 and we decided to goto temple and Mr. Colleague accompanied. He took us to a Big Vishnu temple in his village named Karchamkurrissi temple. It was a big Kerala style Vishnu temple in his village named Karchamkurrissi temple. It was a big Kerala style templeand I was not allowed because enter I had to wear a dhoti.

Then we went to MeenKulathi Amman temple which too had same rituals of wearing a Dothi and I brought a dothi and had a good darshan in a wonderful temple.Then I returned  back to coimbatore with a thirst to vsit the place again and with cherishing memories. I took somesnaps which I’ll update soon.