Knight & Day Review

What will be the effect when the heartrob of men & women join together. It is going to be a bang for the audience and so is the Camaroon Diaz & Tom Cruise starer Knight & Day. It has been a long time since i’ve been to my Sweet Mary sorry June (Diaz) movie. No words to talk about her energy & my heart explodes on seeing her every frame. Talking about the movie it is;

  • A full-fledged Masala movie where Hero doesn’t have a down side. More on Vijaya Kanth sort. But it suits well for Tom.
  • Comedy is hilarious.
  • Camaroon Diaz has added the to glamour & the character June still lives in the mind.
  • Very fast paced screenplay and not even a single scene looks boring.
  • For sure it is a must watch movie for another time.

Watching such movies during the weekend is certainly going to make the entire week enjoyable.


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