Mr & Miss.Anonymous


Both the characters in this post are fictional. It doesn’t describe any individual nor it is real. Written purely on the imagination of the  BLLOGGER.

This is reply to Miss.Anonymous on what made him like her??

First Mr.Anonymous went to meet her to tell he was not interested to get married now because;

  • His Bachelor life was still going very strong and he was not feeling a need for a companion.
  • He felt still he was not mentally mature to get married.
  • He wanted to take a break for 6 months form mainstream life and stay in a Buddhist Monastery & lead a life of a monk just like his icon Steve Jobs before marriage.
  • He wanted to get married at the age of 36 because that is when Sergey Brim got married.

But the moment when he met her in person there was something that flashed on the mind of Mr.Anonymous which said “if he had to me successful in pursuing his dreams then he had to go for her”. It was a intuition based decision which got flashed for a second.

He went ahead and accepted for a proposal which he has not planned for the moment.

There must also be some magic with Miss. Anonymous who made the unexpected.


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