Milenge Milenge Review

Got to get old of an old friend with whom i’ve lot of stakes. Since its been a long while i wanted to catch hold of him and understand how he is going to reply my debts. So, we decided to have a long discussion and we went to Ampa Skywalk & there we decided to goto Milenge Milenge. There is nothing special about the movie and we must accept that this is a 6 year old movie. So, this is my review;

  • Movie reminds me of Tamil movies of the 90’s and it was not bollyhoodish.
  • It is not Kaminey Shahid or a Size Zero Kareena. So, it is hard to accept a lean Shahid & a chubby Kareena.
  • Movie is too dragging & predictable.
  • In spite it is not boring either. Movie runs fast & i’ve the title humming every where.
  • Overall it is worth the money and worth watching once.


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