Chaotic trip of Madurai

It all started when i realized that I left my house keys (Madurai) in my car only after boarding the bus. It was too late then to coordinate & collect the keys. Also the keys were not in my office. Finally it was with a friend and thankfully his house was near the bus route and I collected his Scooter & house keys.

Upon reaching home  was shocked to see the state of home… All doors & windows were open with A/C & fan running. All the mattresses & pillows were clumsy and dirty. Floors were full of dust. Rest rooms were also nasty. Had to start the day by cleaning the house. Had to disturb Major to make some arrangements for washing pillow cowers & mattresses. Then I swiped the floor and mobbed & still it is in a bad state. Requested my admin clean the house.

Then when i wanted to brush found that my mom has not kept the brush in the bag. Also when i went to take bath towels were not kept. Normally my mom use to do that for me and she is good at that. For some reasons she was busy yesterday and things were messed up.

Overall these days when I come to Madurai house-keeping tasks becomes my first day work before starting my official duties. I can say I’m only 50% settled and by evening things must be ready.

Also with all these rush came to office without having breakfast. Just ordered for a sandwich & time to prioritize my tasks.


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