Traveling in Mercedes Benz Multi Axle Bus

Travelling on Mercedes Benz would be a bream for any normal person & I’m no exception to it. Sadly I’ve never travelled in a Benz vehicle.

Yesterday when I went to Parveen Travels website to book my tickets back to Chennai I saw an update telling new mercedes benz multi axle bus from Trivandrum to Chennai. Then after searching for ticket I came to know that bus goes through Madurai. I got thrilled & decided to travel on the bus at any cost.

When I checked the cost it was Rs.700/- only. I paid Rs.685/- for a Volvo multi axle to come to Madurai. But that extra money isn’t an issue as;

  • They are making our dream of travelling on Benz a reality.
  • They gave a paper carry bag with 500 ml water bottle, a Maa mango juice, a biscuit packet & wet tissues. They give us the feel of flying on an aeroplane.

I must thank Parveen Travels to bring elite things to common man. Also they keep innovating new things to attract their customers.

For sure Parveen Travels is going to be no.1 private player when it comes to travel. I’ve changed my loyalty from KPN to Parveen Travels.

One thought on “Traveling in Mercedes Benz Multi Axle Bus

  1. yeah it is correct,travelling in parveen travels brings us satisfaction , in other travels we came to know they are braking but in parveen the driver will drive the vechile very smoothly passenger won’t feel they are travelling.The staff behavior is very good with passenger but travels like kallada and others it’s too bad

    parveen is best in india but parveen should buy more multiaxle volvo and benz and should defeat travels like kallada,srm,,neeta,VRL and kesineni and should come first in keeping more multiaxle busues

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