The Expendables

What can i tell about this movie. It has a huge Super start cast like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Steve Austin, Bruce Willis & Arnold Schwarzenegger in a small cameo.

I’m a hardcore fan of Stallone and this movie was a in the must watch list of mine. Also it is special when the icon has directed the movie himself. I’m happy to see my here coming back strong and even at the age of 64 he has a good built.

It is really hard to coordinate such a huge star-cast and if one can read about the way things were built one can understand how such a team was evolved.

Coming back to the movie it is a full loaded action movie. Though the movie’s screenplay was so quick. But i didn’t see any substance in the movie. It is a a typical stereo type movie where a team of leads killing thousands of a country’s army.

The movie is a must watch movie to see stunning action scenes.


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