Grownups – Picnic

Today went to watch the Movie Grownups. I’m not a fan of Adam Sandler, in fact i really hate him. But the trailer of the movie really carried me. Ann there is the the Salma Hayak factor. So, i had no reason to stop going for this movie.

I really have no words to talk about the movie. It is hilarious comedy from the beginning to the end. No even a single frame went boring. Though many of the jokes were rude there is no complains from my end as I didn’t have a kid to take.

The movie starts with the news of a Basketball coach’s death and the only  championship team created by the coach reunites for the funeral.

After 32 years a lot would have changed. Friends decides to go for a vacation with their family. Though their spouse takes to arjust with the new environment they all finally join together to give a wonderful picnic experience.

It is a must watch movie not once but a couple of times.


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