Orphan Review

Yesterday was a double bonanza day as we got tickets to watch a movie in newly opened Satyam Cinemas 8 screen Multiplex names Escape at Express Avenue. I’ve a seperate blog to write about the cinemas as a line is not sufficient for them.

When I got the ticket I was a bit disappointed because I’m not fond of Horror movies. But after watching the movie I got thrilled with the way movie runs. I wonder how hollywood directors are so much perfect when it comes to film making.

Movie starts with a Female lead who suffers from overcoming her abortion and alcoholism because of that. She decides to adopt an Orphan to fullfill the wish of her young deaf & dumb daughter.

The couple adopts a 9 year old girl as their daughter and from then their misery starts. The new adopted daughter separates the couples, tries to kill her new siblings, but stays close with her father.

In the end we come to know that the young girl is not a child but a 34 year women who suffers from a disorder. She thrives for lust and gets mentally upset in people seeing her as a child.

Over all it is a well narrated movie and a must see one.


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