Life with Crowd Funding

It is going to be 2 years and it has been a great two years run. When i sat to prepare on my future plans or next milestone for the company; I realized I’ve been standing on the same foot for almost 10 years. Even with my previous company I started feeling about stagnation and I came our by that time. Now again I’m feeling stagnation and not sure about the Value as a company we are going to office. After much brainstorming i couldn’t think much. I think it is time to jump out of the comfort zone and take some chances and work on some cutting edge projects and slowly step into R & D. After making up my mind to step into next challenge and make life more exciting like how it was during 2002 & 2008 I’ve decided to work on raising funds.

In fact finance is one department which I haven’t explored and i want to try my hands on that too. So, we have decided to work on two types of fund raising;

  • Raising capital through Private Equities…
  • Raising through Crowd Funding.

It has been hardly a week since we have started and after starting it is like opening the pandora box. Every day i’m struck with something and I’ve to work on new tasks to facilitate the progress of core idea. I sleep every day without contention. I feel the day was half complete as i’m not done with my pursuit. But this is what making my life meaningful. I use to have the same feeling when i started my first company & with Cogzidel Consultancy Services. Today I’m happy with the progress of CCS & all those thought of half baked days are making today a contented day.

I’ve lots of personal lessons where perseverance has paid yields… For now i’m working on strategies for crowd funding and withing a week we are planning start our first pilot campaign…

If any of you have any knowledge or information about Crowd funding kindly ping me… I might need your help on it…


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