Is being mean a mistake?

For 20 years in my life i’ve been an ordinary person by leading a life for my parents wishes. I was scared of criticism but thankfully I always had an opportunity to find compassion in someone. But it all changed the day I told my parents, relatives & friends that I wanted to become an entrepreneur I was criticized by everyone. That struck me really hard and I wanted to prove everyone wrong. From then on I had come across a lot of good and bad moments.

In the pursuit of my dreams I’m traveling in a place of uncertainties. I carry a lot of responsibility & commitment unlike a normal person. For all this the cost I’m paying is ignoring my responsibilities & commitment in my personal life.

  • Last weekend my mother was feeling bad that my contribution towards my sisters marriage preparation is zero.
  • I’ve been ignoring important ones in my life for my personal interest.

I don’t want to justify my acts but I’m forced to be mean as the situation demands it. Again I don’t have a better place to open my guilt other than my blog.

Folks I’m Guilty of Being Mean for my PERSONAL INTEREST


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