is RedBus dye’ing?

My previous blog states the Irony we had with a Private Bus. Most of the passengers got the ticket through For a person who is a great admirer of RedBus for the way they filled a Gap and in raising VC funding. They were a great success case study. But they are falling prey to a problem which is not their’s.

  • Most of the Top Private Bus operators have their own Online booking service and they have walked away from RedBus.
  • Now most of the travels they have are Travel / Ticket agents who don’t even own a Bus.
  • Also other operators are with single fleet service operators.

My last three experience with ticket booked by RedBus was a nightmare. I personally think RedBus to do something innovative to tie up with operators whom their customers can rely with. Else this concept is going to die because most of the operators are unorganized, hooligans who man handle customers.

Yesterday was the last occasions where I used RedBus & good bye guys. Pls take this as a serious whistle-blowing & work on some other solutions to stan on the field.


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