Why is Kashmir Burning??

Last couple of months we wake up reading about violence in the Valley. Not sure how many of you would be aware of why this problem is burning. For those Ignorant people let me give you some reality of the history.

During the time of Independance India was divided into 3 set of territories;

  1. British India ruled by British.
  2. Princely States (Small Countries ruled by Kings by supporting British)
  3. India Ruled by French & Portugese

Post Independence Sardar Vallabhai Patil wanted to make all those princely states, french & portugese colonies as a part of India to avoid future conflicts. Most of the princely states were integrated peacefully except;

  • State of Jodhpur
  • State of Junagarh
  • State of Hydrabad
  • State of Kashmir

The first three states were annexed by war & hostile take over by people. But the choice of Integrating Kashmit was given to Nehru which he handled miserably.

That is what is making the difference till date. All other states have accepted India as their country and call themselves as Indians unlike Kashmiries. So what is

Kashmir problem?

At the time of the transfer of power, Kashmir was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, a Hindu, although the state itself had a Muslim majority. Hari Singh was equally hesitant about acceding to either India or Pakistan, as either would have provoked adverse reactions in parts of his kingdom. He signed a Standstill Agreement with Pakistan and proposed one with India as well, but announced that Kashmir intended to remain independent. However, his rule was opposed by Sheikh Abdullah, the popular leader of Kashmir’s largest political party, the National Conference, who demanded his abdication.

Pakistan, attempting to force the issue of Kashmir’s accession, cut off supplies and transport links. The chaos in Punjab resulting from Partition had also severed transport links with India, meaning that Kashmir’s only links with the two dominions was by air. Rumours about atrocities against the Muslim population of Poonch by the Maharajah’s forces caused the outbreak of civil unrest. Shortly thereafter, Pathan tribesmen from the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan crossed the border and entered Kashmir. The invaders made rapid progress towards Srinagar. The Maharaja of Kashmir wrote to India, asking for military assistance, offering an Instrument of Accession, and setting up an interim government headed by Sheikh Abdullah.The accession was accepted, but Nehru declared that it would have to be confirmed by a plebiscite, although there was no legal requirement to seek such confirmation.

Indian troops secured Jammu, Srinagar and the valley itself during the First Kashmir War, but the intense fighting flagged with the onset of winter, which made much of the state impassable. Prime Minister Nehru, in a move that baffled political and military strategists, declared a ceasefire and sought U.N. arbitration, arguing that India would otherwise have to invade Pakistan itself, in view of its failure to stop the tribal incursions. The plebiscite was never held, and on 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force in Kashmir, but with special provisions made for it in the Constitution’s Article 370. India did not, however, secure administrative control over all of Kashmir. The Ladakh northern and western portions of Kashmir came under Pakistan’s control in 1947, and are today referred to as ‘Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir’ by the Indian government. In the 1962 Sino-Indian War, China occupied Aksai Chin, the north-eastern region bordering , which it continues to control and administer.

So what do they Kashmiris want?

There are three set of demands.

  • First is the National Conference version which wants autonomy plus pre-1953 status. If it is translated in simple language, they want a separate constitution, separate prime minister, separate supreme court and separate election commission. They don’t want the jurisdiction of India’s Supreme Court and Election Commission to be extended to the state.
  • Second, the Peoples Democratic Party wants self-rule. The PDP wants to go beyond the National Conference. They want so much autonomy that it’s just short of independence. They even seek applicability of dual currency in the Valley.
  • The third group is the separatists who talk of azaadi (FREEDOM).

Because of great blunder of done by Nehru we are paying the price till date. Would would have been different if Iron Man Patel was Iron fist with Nehru and annexed J & K.

But what every happens as an Indian I can’t accept an India without Kashmir. I support any action by the Government of India that helps in full Integration of J & K into India.


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