Mam Madhan Ambu Experience

Went out to watch Kamal Hassan starrer ManMadhan Ambu at Kamala Cinemas. I’ve lot of moments to remember other than the movie.

Kamala Theatre is the first theatre where I watched a movie after bunking my School… It was 1993 and the movie was Thiruda Thiruda… I can still remember waiting on queue for more than 3 hours to get the tickets… The experience was very thrilling as I was scared of getting caught… Today everything got changed… The place where the Ticket counter use to be, parking lot and more… All old things has to give room for a posh ambience with 2 screens… Unlike the old, dirty single screen theatre…

Second is going to watch a movie all alone after a long long time… I think it must be more than 3 years and it was nice to lead get back old habits…

Traveling alone in a Two wheeler and that too going to a theatre which is near to my house has certainly saved me a lot of penny… I just spent 200 bucks for tickets, snacks, parking & for fuel…

Evening has been special with lots of things to experience…. Also planning to watch movies alone for a couple of day until I get bored…


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