Carol Celebrations @ CCS

I’d like to start everything after thanking Partick & Sonia for their wonderful initiative… Yep they were the people behind the idea of Celebrating Christmas Carol in office… This celebration was helpful;

  • for new cogzians to gel well with others and this was a wonderful ice-breaker…
  • for people working from home to get bonded with rest of the stack…
  • as it was wonderful stress breaker…

Didn’t know the extra curricular talents of Patrick & Sonia… Patrick rocked playing guitar, keyboard & parallel singing… Sonia was the lead singer and she had wonderful voice…

It was around 3.30PM for everyone to get gathered at office… We started the event after Cutting the X’mas cake and the honors were done by our CFO… Then immediately were were given copies of songs to be sung and for next half an hour it was full of songs;

  • Starting with my favorite “Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day” from Boney M.
  • Then a devotional tamil folk song.
  • Then Jingle Bells.
  • Then 2 more tamil devotional songs.
  • And finally it was my turn to join the chorus

I wish you a merry christmas
I wish you a merry christmas
I wish you a merry christmas
from the bottom of my heart

Then it was time for playing some games where we were asked to rotate a multiply wrapped cover and every layer will have a mock task to be performed or a gift… Only three were lucky Bala (CFO) got a Dairy Milk, Bhuvaneshwari got a Kit-Kat & the biggest lucky person is Suganthi who got a Fiema De Wills soap and Shampoo…

Then it was time for team games and there were three teams… I was lucky to be in Suganthi’s team and she lead from the front and we won the game comprehensively…

Overall it was a wonderful evening and a day to remember for every… These are some of the moments of the day;

  • Vimala’s prank was always to target Bala CFO…
  • Ramanan’s excitement to help the opponent to gain points…
  • Dhanalakshmi singing Surangani…
  • Suganthi involvement & passion… She went to the extreme of threatening others…

Let me leave you with some exciting pictures;

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