Visit to Kuladeivam

It was suddenly planned by my mother to offer prayers to our Kuladeivam… So, we decided to drive to Chidambaran today & I had to wait for my father and he returned from work only by 3.40PM and we started at 4.30 PM finally… On reaching Porur By-pass toll we had to wait for 20 min to cross it because of the crowd… Then it was traffic until Chengelpet Toll…

From then it was smooth drive listening to Chennai Suriyan FM until Thindivanam Toll & again 20 KM from there we got Pondy Suriyan FM… After reaching Pondy we filled the tank and then we stopped at a Palagan for flavored milk & Kulfi in the entrance of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College…

Then we reached my aunts house by 9 o clock and after having dinner I went for a small walk to buy some Bananas… Then I took a small walk around the place where I spent as a child… I was startled to see those areas getting neat and posh… All Muttram sandhu (Urine Streets) becoming neat & pleasant to walk… Lots of old houses giving space to apartments…

When I got the builders number and called them I was surprised to know that it costs Rs.4000 per sq. ft. which means it is Rs.40 Lakh for a 1000 sq ft house… Anyways I was happy to see such small towns getting on par with City’s…

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