Fallen for Deals Mania

Groupon has changed the way we shop on the net and it has created a platform which benefits the vendor & the buyer… For thouse who have no idea about the concept here is how it works;

Groupon.com is a site where in a vendor can display his product or service for a massive discount on a commitment of getting specific number of purchase.

Example if I’m a Vendor selling Jeans… I post a discount of X percentage (most cases it is more than 80%… I commit for that percentage of discount if 100 people commit to buy the product… Deal succeeds if number of people reach 100 else it gets cancelled…

Also there are some vendors who give massive discounts even if there is no minimum guarantee of purchase…

Since I run a Web Development company I got lots of request to develop a site similar to Groupon… I’ve been waiting for a long time to get something similar in India… Also I was following couple of sites based on Groupon concept… For last two months this wave has caught up in India… Following are the sites which I’m aware of;

  • SnapDeal.Com
  • DealIvore.Com
  • Sosasta.Com

Latest sensation among those 3 sites is Sosasta.Com which is acquired by Groupon.com for $10 million… But SnapDeal.Com must be the market leader because he updates atleast 2 new deals per day for almost all major cities… This month I’ve purchased 4 deals & I’m happy about the the deal I got from Big Brands…

  • Got a deal for Rs.299 for a Ayurvedic Massage from Apollo Ayurvedic Centre which was worth Rs.1650 from SnapDeal.Com…
  • Got a deal for Rs.149 for Salsa Classes for a month worth Rs.750 from SnapDeal.Com…
  • Got a deal for Rs.289 for 8 Classes to learn Hindi worth Rs.750 from SnapDeal.Com…
  • Got a deal for Rs.66 for Teeth Scaling & General Dental Checkup worth Rs.650 at Vasan Dental Care from DealIvore.Com…

I’m very much thrilled for getting such massive discounts and I’m expecting more such offers in days to come…

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