Dutching – The way ahead

This time I’ve never written or blogged about new year resolution owing to my previous year track record(Yes, i never succeeded in any one of the resolutions)… But something I wanted to do this year is to control my expense… I started believing in the concept Money Saved is Money Earned

So, I decided to settle for freebie’s, discounts & get out with friends only when they Dutch… After that resolution I went out with friends to Mahabalipuram & to the movie Dhobi Ghat on 26th… After a long time or for the first time I’ve been outing with friends where expenses were dutch’ed…

It was a travel of 100 KM in a day, with lunch in a hotel, a movie & dinner… Overall my share of expense was less than Rs.300… Never in my life I’ve come home by spending just 300 bucks by enjoying an entire day…

So, my dear friends hence forth be prepared to take me out only when you are ready to share the expense…


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