I’m a Monkey as per Chinese Zodiac

The Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator in the Chinese Zodiac. They are clever, flexible and innovative. They can master anything under the sun and they usually have an aptitude for being good linguists.

No challenge is too great for them and the Monkey will be successful at whatever he chooses to do. They like to help and advise people. They can make for successful businessmen, politician and business figures.

They are a bit lazy in nature and sometimes neglect major issues of life. On the negative side, they have an inborn superiority complex!

Famous people born under the sign: Walter Matthau, Edward Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Duchess of Windsor, Nelson Rockfeller

2011 for the Monkey: The monkeys should prep themselves for a creative year. Staying on top will need you to give your best. And you are ready to push the envelope on both execution and ideas.

Some of you may have to be open to certain constructive criticism which will eventually lead to you understanding your product/venture better allowing you to experiment with new thought patterns and more. Success is yours for the taking especially if involved in media, entertainment and television towards June-July.

Balance in every area, adapting to a healthier lifestyle and keeping your word will become your mantra towards October resulting in a calmer day to say routine. Money matters stay upbeat especially as lucrative investments pay off.

The single find someone attractive and do what it takes to bring him/her in their life. Follow your heart and wedding bells will ring in Jan 2012 keeping you smiling.

Tip of the year: Brilliance in your ideas will need brilliance on the drawing board to make your dreams come true.


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