Power of Friends Network & Technology

There were several openings which were getting delayed… Particularly Admin Assistant profile was very challenging because we were trying to close this opening for 3+ months now… Over a point our Admin Manager was getting too busy with work and he was often overloaded with work… it was time that we had to find an assistant for him to work effectively…

When I was thinking on the reason for slow progress on all opening I wanted to try different process to;

  • Close the openings for smooth functioning…
  • Create a methodology for HR – Recruitment Process…

Of that I wanted to try the power of networking and I tried posting it on FaceBook, Blog and other social networking forums… Unfortunately I didn’t get the response and later I found our the reason that my posts got buried under numerous messages that gets listed on the wall…

The I wanted to give a try by sending an SMS to all friends about the requirement… With the help BlackBerry I was able to shoot (SMS) the content to all my friends… Also I did this around 3 AM when I was about to crash… To my surprise when I got up in the morning i already got 3 reference from my friends… Also in the subsequent days I started getting calls from a lot of people…

I must thank my friends because they forwarded the message to their friend list even if they didn’t have any reference… Finally we closed the long pending requirement for Admin Assistant…

So here is the SMS text sent to my friends;

Cogzidel Job Opening

Profile : Admin Assistant
Experience : Fresher
Qualification : Not Particular
1.) Reading & Writing knowledge on Tamil & English.
2.) A two wheeler. Conveyance will be provided.
Location : Chennai
Gender : Male
Salary : Rs.8000/- PM

Pls pass me if you have any reference or help me by passing it to your friends. Resumes can be emailed to anand@cogzidel.com


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