Temple Visit to Kerala

I woke by 3.45 AM & was the got ready by time… With the help of Hotel’s watchman we had everything ready in place at Devi Temple, Kadampuza…

I admit Kerala temple’s are the best place for worship as temples are maintained clean, devotees are disciplined & priests are not money minded… All these gives best divine experience unlike temples in Tamil Nadu…

We finished preying & were back to the hotel by 7 & we had our Breakfast, checked out & immediately drove to Thirumanthakunnu Templein Angadipuram which was an hours drive from Devi Temple…

We reached by 8.15 & we had a glimpse at the or all gods & goddesses… Then we had to wait until 10.30 AM for Mangalya Pooja…

It was well organised pooja where all girls & boys who wants to get married were asked to stand in the entrance of Ganesh Temple & after a 20 min of pooja we had to wait and collect prasadam… I asked my mom to collect the prasadam & I went to the car to take some rest…

Half an hour later my mom came with 4 prasadams (2 payasam, 1 box of white rice & 20 pieces of adhirasam)… This was enough for Lunch for four & still we had prasadams to carry back…

From there I drove back to Coimbatore by 3 o clock… Immediately we started to see some places near Coimbatore… This experience will be blogged separately….

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