Am missing Something

For last couple of days I’m into introspection mode… I don’t know what it is; but I always feel like missing something…

It all started the day when my parents asked me to delete the pictures of me having toddy…

So findings of my introspection is; I’ve not been doing my crazy things I use to do like;

  • Travelling
  • Watching Movies
  • Itz been a while since I drank like crazy & behaved crazy
  • Since I partied

Interestingly my parents are happy these days as I’m not going out & come home at odd hours & spending money. For them all above things are irresponsible behaviours…

So henceforth I’ve decided to take a Sabbatical for a week every month & go to Bangalore or Madurai to lead a life of my wish… Then be in Chennai & lead a life as per my parents wish…


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