Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai – a Standing Ovation

My cousin insisted me to accompony him for the movie… He vouched for the movie and I was very much reluctant… Once when I came to know it was directed by Suseendran I got convinced… It was from the director of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu & Naan Mahaan Alla

It all started with the trailer of my Thala starer Mangatha & from then on I was never let down… It was a well naratted movie with all village sentiments conveyed comically & finally breaking all blind sentiments like caste’ism, divine magic, enmity, a womanizer minor et more…

The stroy revolves around an annual Festival during April where Lord Azhar is taken in a Kuthirai (Horse)… That horse gets stolen before the festival and ¬†villagers goes to a malayalam manthiravadhi to know where the horse… The fake manthiravadhi tells the villagers that the horse is in the direction of west and they will get it in 3 days… On the third day they get a live horse which belongs to the hero Appukutty… Horse is everything for the hero but villagers refuses to return the horse until the festival gets over… Finally the youngsters of the village help getting back the stolen horse and returning the horse of Hero…

It is a full fledged entertainer which much can be an eye opener for all villagers & narrated in a way which doesn’t hurt anyone… I personally give a Standing Ovation to Suseenthiran…


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