A Guide to Understanding Movie Distribution in India

Movie distribution in India typically involves several steps, starting with the production of the film and ending with its release in theaters. Here is a brief overview of the movie distribution process in India:

  1. Production: The production of a movie in India typically involves several stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production. During the pre-production stage, the movie script is finalized, actors are cast, and locations are scouted. During production, the movie is shot, and during post-production, the movie is edited, sound is added, and special effects are incorporated.
  2. Distribution: Once the movie is complete, it is sold to a distribution company. In India, there are several large distribution companies, including Yash Raj Films, Eros International, and UTV Motion Pictures. These companies handle the distribution of movies in different regions of the country.
  3. Promotion: Before a movie is released, it is promoted heavily to build anticipation and generate buzz. Promotional activities can include press conferences, interviews with the cast and crew, trailers, posters, and social media campaigns.
  4. Release: Once the promotion is done, the movie is released in theaters. In India, movies are typically released on Fridays, and the release date is heavily marketed in advance. Theatrical distribution is usually done through a network of regional distributors and exhibitors who manage theaters in their respective regions.
  5. Box office: After the movie is released, its performance at the box office is closely monitored. Box office collections are an important metric for success in the Indian film industry, and movies are often judged based on their box office performance.

In addition to theatrical release, Indian movies are also distributed through other channels such as satellite television, streaming services, and home video. Overall, movie distribution in India is a complex and highly competitive industry, with many players vying for a piece of the lucrative Indian film market


The Junk in my life & how overcome them!!

I’ve been a very proactive kid in sports, business & extra curricular activities… But I’ve been a underperforming student… My whole capacity was measured based on my academic performance… My own parents crushed my dreams, and pushed me to put that extra effort to excel in what I was not good at(Studies)…

The stigma of being a poor performer in academics made me;

  • Low in self esteem.
  • Low in self confidence.
  • A comedy stock.
  • Live being bullied by above average kids.
  • Live a life of frustration.

Things I was forced to QUIT!!

Sports: I was a naturally gifted athlete & sports person which came from my maternal grandfather, maternal uncle and my mother. Sports Day is the only day I felt like a hero. I had dreams of building a career as a footballer or an athlete. But I was forced to quit because of academic performance.

Fish Breeding: At the age of 12 I started breeding fish at home and was selling to local kids. Made around ₹2000 a month during 1992. My parents forced me to quit, as they believed earning money would bring down my interest in academics.

HDK Dealership: Those were the days of audio cassettes. People use to buy empty cassattes to record their favorate songs. A 90 minute empty cassette costs ₹40 and I use to buy those cassettes to record songs. HDK(or HDC? Could collect the name) was the market leader for its quality!!

One day thought of taking dealership for HDK as local shops were selling low quality cassettes.Immediately wrote a letter to HDK asking dealership. I got a response from them telling they didn’t have a dealership option. But they offered to give a cassette for ₹20 if I could place an order for 100 units. The total investment was ₹2000 and my parents had the money I earned through fish breeding. Again they didn’t give that money and discouraged me to continue..

Movies: My interest on studies was drastically coming down as I couldn’t cope up. Got an opportunity to become a troop dancer in movies. Again I was not allowed to continue as movies are not considered as a career option for person coming from a reputed family..

Finally I took a stand that I wanted to become an entrepreneur when I was 20 and perceived with great difficulties. But I had to come across a lot of junks like;

  • Emotional Blackmail from closed ones!!
  • Discouragement from closed ones & friends!!
  • Pessimism from incompetent stake holders!!
  • Crooks who try to cheat or exploit!!

It is impossible to totally eradicate such people. But I do following things to remove those junk take over me;

  • Associate and Hang-around with Movivated and Like-Minded people!!
  • Watch motivational movies!!
  • Listen to motivational songs!!
  • Read success biographies!!

This is what I do to “Clean House of Junk”…

Iridiam Movie Experience – Retrospection

The entire idea of producing a movie was a long term dream of my close buddy Saravanan. Every time he came with the idea I ridiculed him.

But his perseverance paid and full marks for making his dream come true.

When he started there was hardly any money with him. He was able to get some initial funding which was sufficient for run the show for 3-4 months from a friend. He opened an office and start the discussion with that initial seed money.

Once he had the office and a script on hand he stated getting resources falling in place.

First was our Hero cum investor. Then every friends started contributing at every stage. Infact my contribution came during the post production part.

For a movie which started with a budget of 80 lakhs(8 million INR) got completed on a budget of 1.5 crore(15 million INR).

It all happened because of contribution from 13 individuals who all invested either for passion, interest on movies, business interest and personal relationship.

This experience thought me a lot of lessons;

  • Always keep asking for help be it investment or resources. Mostly it comes from unexpected sources than from expected ones.
  • If you start with dedication & perceivarance, resources will follow.
  • Lead and keep the investors on control. All 13 investors had 13 different interest and view point. If not for Saravanan’s adamant approach things would’ve fallen apart.

Finally I saw a what a person with dream and dedication can achieve without any money or resources.

He never gave up for rediculing, criticism, demotivation and threat. He has become a case study for producing a movie and releasing it. 

Though the movie bommed at the box office. I tame pride in being associated with the Movie Indistry and there is lots of take always!!!

I must thank Saravanan for pushing me to be a part of the movie. Sadly he is again critised for the failure of the movie.

All I can tell you is you have Made it Buddy!!! I’m proud of you and I’m with you!!!

Kamal Hassan a real gentleman

When his movie Viswaroopam was running into problem there were lots of fans who have started sending the ticket money as DD to the actor who has invested a fortune…

I didn’t believe in such acts (sending DD) because for a business person risk is a part of life… He should be ready for unexpected and to overcome situational… Also he is not going to refund the money if the movie is not good…

Anyways fans showed there love and support to this deserving actor… I was curious to know if Kamal would encash those monies or now…

When I came to know that Kamal has returned them all… My respect for him has grown multiple…

You are a true gentleman SIR!!!
You are the true UlagaNayagan…

I’m proud to be a generation which grew watching your classics and master pieces…

O O O Itz Not My Day :(((

After having an exciting night on Social Media promotions I crashed to bed by 5 AM and got up by 1 PM only to realize that an interview was scheduled to me by 1 PM… I called the office only to know no one has come… Then the person turned to interview by 3PM… I preferred an telephonic interview and when I started the interview I realized person has applied for a wrong profile… Since it was an urgent requirement I got little upset…

Then tried to do a online fund transfer from my ICICI Bank to CitiBank… There was some problem with ICICI bank’s online system and I couldn’t do the transfer…

Then I went to BSNL Shoppe near to my house to recharge my 3G Data Plan… But the person in-charge said he hasn’t done a recharge for 3G prepaid Data Plans and he said it can’t be done there… He asked me to call the support or visit Greams Road center on Monday…

From there went to ICICI bank to deposit some cash in hand and again it was real ill-luck that bank shutters were getting closed in front of my eyes… By now I realized it is not going to be my day…

From there went to Samsung Service Center to collect my mobile… Previous day I was told it was a software issue and they said they will reinstall the software and will return the handset the next day… But for my surprise I was told there was problem with the motherboard and it had to be replaced…

Then I called a friend to know when and where to assemble as we planned for a Long Drive or a Short Trip until Sunday… Again it was a bad news as one of the core person backed out owing to official commitments…

By now I’m confused and didn’t know what to do next?? Go home or office or call some other friends??

Without any plan or expectation went to Adambakkam office… Had a short meeting with Ramesh & Karthikeyan… By now Karthi, Sundhar & Kavi assembled… We booked tickets to “Adventures of Tin-Tin”… Then it was fun time with Kavi and Karthi wanted to attend his friends Bachelors party and to my surprise the person happened to be my School Junior… After spending some funny moments there we marched to the movie…

Again our Kaviraj has perfectly booked tickets for all four in 4 different rows… We all sat separately and watched the movie… Then Kavi entertained us in the interval with his non-sense behavior… Then it was followed by his crappy driving…

Finally I must thank KAVI for his funny behavior which really brought down my mood and he helped me to end the day with a happy and enjoyable note…


Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai – a Standing Ovation

My cousin insisted me to accompony him for the movie… He vouched for the movie and I was very much reluctant… Once when I came to know it was directed by Suseendran I got convinced… It was from the director of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu & Naan Mahaan Alla

It all started with the trailer of my Thala starer Mangatha & from then on I was never let down… It was a well naratted movie with all village sentiments conveyed comically & finally breaking all blind sentiments like caste’ism, divine magic, enmity, a womanizer minor et more…

The stroy revolves around an annual Festival during April where Lord Azhar is taken in a Kuthirai (Horse)… That horse gets stolen before the festival and  villagers goes to a malayalam manthiravadhi to know where the horse… The fake manthiravadhi tells the villagers that the horse is in the direction of west and they will get it in 3 days… On the third day they get a live horse which belongs to the hero Appukutty… Horse is everything for the hero but villagers refuses to return the horse until the festival gets over… Finally the youngsters of the village help getting back the stolen horse and returning the horse of Hero…

It is a full fledged entertainer which much can be an eye opener for all villagers & narrated in a way which doesn’t hurt anyone… I personally give a Standing Ovation to Suseenthiran…

Watching Yadhumagi

Being a Sunday & Sunaina starrer I decided to watch the movie YadhuMagi. Right from first scene it is boring and scenes move without any connect.

Just only an hour has passed and crowd has gone restless. Only enjoyment is listening to the comment of the crowd.

One thing I’ve decided is to watch the movie fully. But for sure No Review for this movie.

Asal Rocks Madurai

I’m a Big fan of Thala Ajith and i didn’t have an opportunity to watch his movie in madurai where people go crazy for a Mass hero like him.

Though i missed that excitement i got some snaps of banners displayed by his fans. Madurai folks are know for their innovating writing skills and also for publicity stunts.

I’m posting some snaps for you to cherish;

Goa Review

These days Kollywood directors have become too adventurous and they are experimenting different things. Though the movie comes good or not I’m happy because they setting new dimension to tamil cinema. Last weekend watched the movie GOA twice. I like the movie for two reasons;

  • One because it is produced by my sweet heart Soundarya Rajinikanth
  • Two it is A Venkat Prabhu movie.

First thing i can tell about the movie is it doesn’t disappoint and it is worth spending the money. Venkat has created a niche for himself and he doesn’t disappoint his audience. As usual there is not story line and it is the screenplay that is directors strength area.

The concept of Gay relationship in tamil cinema is different and that has been showcased very elegantly and also there is a Gay duet which is also cool. Yuvan has rocked with his music and all songs rocks. Premji excels in acting. I don’t know how Sampath Raj excels in acting in Venkat Prabhu movies alone. In all other movies he is mediocre. He has really shown expressions and mannerisms which gives a feel of watching a real gay.

I don’t know why Vijay is made a bhakra in almost all movies these days. Over all it is a perfect holiday to GOA.