Angry as a CommonMan

Yesterday I booked tickets for the movie 180 at AGS Cinemas, Navalur… We were at the Perengudi toll by 9.30 PM & 1 way toll costs Rs.19… When I gave him Rs.20 the person in the counter asked me to collect the balance next day… That puzzled me as how can I collect the balance next day as I had no proof to claim… But as a commonman I igneored it as it is just Re.1… But I wondered inside;

Why on the earth the Toll company hasn’t rounded the tariff as Rs.20??

After watching the movie we went to Shollinganallur toll to exit by 1.15 AM… We were asked to pay again as the toll time gets over by 12 AM… I got annoyed as how come someone get a toll for just 3 hours… But to my surprise it is all well written in the toll receipt and I had to pay again…

That moment I got annoyed at me as I didn’t take the initiative to read the toll receipt… Then I thought why I ignored Re.1 which had to be paid back.. Why I’m not taking the initiative to write petitions, use RTI (Right to information) to understand how system works & why i’m not fighting for a cause…

The concern was not loosing Rs.20. or Re.1.. It is why there is no professionalism;

  • Why didn’t they have a change to give back as they very well know everyone cant carry Rs.19…
  • Why didn’t they round the fare to Rs.20?
  • Concept of cutting their timing by 12 AM sounds irrational…

I’m fed up of showering my frustration as blogs & ignoring issues… Now I’m on my way to Perengudi toll to collect information & I’ve decided to take them if there are exploitation of the common man…


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