If you need help? ASK!!!

Yesterday I had a discussion with Sangeetha where she was telling that she was taken for granted for all the voluntary initiative she does… Then I gave her the reason why I stopped helping people because;

I’ve been a victim of helping people voluntarily… That means I volunteer to help people when they are in a situation / need / struggle without even they requesting me for help… But once they come our of the situation they never realize about the help… The problem arise when I get into a situation and expect the same reciprocations from them… These are some situations of my voluntary help;

  • Helped a lot of friends when they were in need of money… But when I was in need they washed their hands telling I gave them without they asking for help…
  • I volunteered to help a family whose car got punctured by offering my car kits to fix it… After every their job got over they left my kits on the road and they drove without any courtesy…
  • I co-founded a group during my college days where we use to run tech meetings every week… I volunteered to offer snacks & did all menial things… Over time people started treating me like a admin… Problem arose when other organizers were treated with respect…

There are a lot more situations where in I was a victim and from they I made it a point not to help people unless it is asked for…


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