Free Parking at Express Avenue

Went to Express Avenue mall to do some shopping… After finishing our shopping; my friend asked the person in the parking fee counter if there is any discount… Infact asking for a discount has become his habit which he does with street hawkers to branded stores… Finally his habit helped to know something new…

When my friend asked for discount we were told if we make purchase for more than Rs.2500/- then parking is free… All we have to do is to collect the bills & go to the counter in the entrance to collect free parking pass… That was a great news for us as EA is the costliest parking zone in Chennai… I was not sure how many people would be aware of this and immediately wanted to share it…

Though we have made purchase for more than 4000 bucks we came to know only on exit and we were lazy to go back & collect the pass…

Also in a hurry we forgot to get more details & catch points like;

  1. Is it applicable for movie tickets & food court bills…
  2. What is the duration for the parking time???
  3. Is is applicable for premium parking???

Please comment if any of you are aware of the process…


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