KadambaVanam an Exotic Ethinic Resort









Must thank my friends Satheesh & Krishore for taking me to this exotic resort Kadambavanam which is located 25 KM from Madurai on natham road…

First of all kudos to the wonderful climate where in tiny hills were covered by mist which otherwise would be hot during summer…

It was wonderful scenic view of hills and villages… Resort has an ayyanar temple with lot other goda and navagraha… It was like a garden temple surrounded by lawns..

It had a auditorium which could accomidate some 100 + people… Also rooms were neat and economical….

Then went to the restaurent which had local villagers who didnt have an hotel management degree to cater… But their hospitality was far superior… Also the food was good and also was the bill… I’ve shelled out 4 times of what i paid in Chennai resorts…

Since we went on a weekday there was no buffet and cultural events… But i was told weekends has events like folk dance, parrot astrology, bharadanatiyam and many more traditional events…

After our lunch we climbed a tiny hill right on the restaurent… We were told food would be  served on the hills too…

For those of you in Madurai or visiting madurai please dont miss the spot…


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