Cherish the present

It was yet another day out with Kavi and after business talks we started pulling each other down as always… For some reason and as a rare occasion I saw Kavi getting nostalgic… He was sharing about his hard job hunt days… He envied his past days where he had no money but he was happy..

That is when I realised how we cherish the past even it was painful… So the point is we envy those painful days once we successfully overcome them… I’ve my own experience of over coming pain and depression but today those are the days I cherish when I look back…

Last week when I was in Madurai all I could do is to rewind back 3 years where I felt lonely, depressed and more dejected in life…

So the point is we always forget to cherish the present instead of fearing the future or envying the past… Remember present good or bad will me the moment of cherish when it becomes past…


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