Missing Chennai Rains

For someone who hails from Chennai can understand the importance of rains… I’m fond of rains for many reasons;

  • I’ve seen the impact of water shortage during summer…
  • I use to get 2-3 days of holiday during my school due to rain…
  • My college will become an island and it would stay like this for at least a month or two… I’ve even travelled in a boat once… We see kids fishing during this time…
  • Rains make city look green as all the trees and plants will be covered by smoke and dust… It makes mind fresh

Though rains in Chennai paralises our life due to water logs, tree falls, drainage overflow, bad roads et more… I still love rains because it of lots of nostalgic memories where we use to stock snacks and play indoor games, adventurously driving my car on flooded roads etc…

I don’t remember a time where I stayed away from Chennai during November when it normally rains… Even during 2008 I went to Chennai and 26/11 Mumbai shoot out happened then… I was watching TV coverage whole day as it was raining heavily outside…

This is the first time I’m away from the City and November rains… I really miss Chennai Rains :((…

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