Down with FLU!!!

Its the beginning of the week & I had to get up with Throat Infection, Cold, Cough & Fever… Though I wasn’t feeling sleepy I had to sleep to control my headache which occurs when I cough… Finally got up by 4 in the evening and started to get ready to office… Took some hot water shower, had some lite lunch just to take tablet…

When I was to start to office it was raining and thought of working from home… Within minutes rain stopped and there was clear sky… Then I scotted to office and immediately swung into work and finished couple of meetings…

By now I was too dehydrated and thought of going back home… Then I stayed back as I had to discuss a lot with my CTO and the check the progress of Sales & Delivery… Overall this is one other occasion where I’m  enjoying my work to the core as I don’t feel the pinch of flu…

Wish I have this wonderful days continue…

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