The PRINCE & Arthasastram

“The Prince”, is a book written about politics in 1532 by Nicholas Machiavelli. Its from his name came the term “Machiavellian” which means”Cunning,deception,dishonest,cruel”. When Adolf Hitler was living in the streets it was this book that convinced him that even he can become a major politician. This same book convinced Benito Mussolini to dictate Italy. Frederick the Great, Henry VIII and the list goes on. This was considered the best book on politics until 1915.

Because it was in 1915 historians and archaeologists recovered and dissected a book written about 300 years before the birth of Christ, 1200 years before “The Prince”. They recovered Kautilya a.k.a Chanakya’s Arthasastram. The world’s first book in Economics & Politics and even Accounting. Many western economists have agreed that “compared to the cruelty and deception of the Arthasastram, the Prince is really harmless”.

Chanakya was a Brahmin who got cheated by King Nandha, He swore to the heavens that one day he will create a King to destroy the Nandha Dynasty. He raised Chandragupta Maurya, defeated the Nandha Dynasty and established the the Mauryan Empire, the most powerful empire in India which reached till Tamilnadu and extended till Pakistan. The Mauryan Empire was so powerful that when Changragupta wanted to invade the Greek occupied Afghanistan, The greeks got scared and signed a peace treaty with him and also gave away Greek’s Princess in marriage to Chandragupta to make him happy. All this was architected by one man, Chanakya – The KingMaker!


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