Flourishing Temples

I hail from a suburb called Porur, Chennai… Twenty years back I use to visit some small temples near my house… These temples were deserted and mostly misused by anti-social elements…

Today I took my mom to these temples which I’m visiting after 20 years… So, these were the temples I visited and surprised to see the makeover to these temples;

Shiva Veera Anjaneer Temple: This temple was deserted during my schooling days and today it is one of the well organised temples in the locality… It has a website too :)…

ManikaVinayagar Temple: It was a small Ganesh Temple and I used to visit this temple everyday as a kid… Today temple has become big with lot other gods…

Jalagandesswar Temple: Twenty years back there was an open LINGAM which was deserted and dust ridden… All of a sudden a temple has been built and another temple which pulls lots of crowd…

Kamakchi Amman Temple: Twenty years back this area was mostly barren lands and today it houses a temple, which is again well managed…

Finally I don’t want to get into the debate for need of this many temples… Until they are used for people’s good and not misused it is better… Personally I’m happy that these templates have given facelift to the neighbourhood…

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