Get Ready Indigo Marina

Six years back I met with an accident with this car… The car was badly damaged and it saved me unhurt… From then I developed an emotional connect with this car… Even when people advised me to sell the car… I gently ignored their suggestions…

But I couldn’t use this car inside a city owning to its size and the mileage… I mostly use this car for long drives… Since I couldn’t travel a lot for last 20 months, this car was lying unused… Now I’m driving this car to Madurai…

After opening the cover;

  • Car deserved a cleaning and asked my maid to do that immediately…
  • Battery had to be changed and did that immediately
  • A/C pressure was less than 80… Filled gas and the A/C is working fine…
  • To my surprise tyres had enough Air… But checked it anyway…
  • There was some bad petrol smell… Went for a drive and things were normal

Now am super excited to drive to Madurai tomorrow…

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