Cogzidel Day + Time with Better half + Meeting Friends + Commanders Meeting = Successful Madurai Trip

It was a pleasant drive to Madurai carrying Cogzidel Day gifts… Once reaching Madurai it was nice to relax at my new home, listening to the humming of peacock and watching the lust green view of western ghats :)…

Then had a nice 1 hour drive and discussion with Swami… Continued by Commanders meeting & dinner at Hotel Heritage, Kochadai… Then again back to home and had a nice four hour sleep…

Got up early the next day to receive my wife and bang she called from the entrance of my Apartment… Picked her up and went out for tea on a road side hotel… Thrilled that my wife liked something I got her :)…

Then it was time to get ready and went straight down to Hotel Fortune Pandian for Cogzidel Day… Man what a day it was and am going to carry the hangover for couple of more days… Thanks to all Cogzians for making my day… The day went till 10.30 PM with some time for meeting friends, some business discussions and some official meeting after the event…

The day Next also started early… Had to full fill an obligation to god which was long pending since my marriage… So, it was a 60 KM drive from Madurai to a temple called Thirukoshtiyur

Came back home by noon and spent some time with my wife… It was a gifted opportunity which we never got since our marriage ;)… This visit to Madurai has surpassed all my previous ones… Over all it was a Heart Filled trip which will live in my memory forever…

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