It was a Talk Talk & Click Click day

The day started almost by evening. it was a nice lunch with Swami & followed by a small drive…

Never missed the opportunity to capture the natures beauty & some on roads clicks…




Then made some experiment with my amateur photography inside Hotel Heritage…

First tried using Flash Lights flashed behind a glass with water and used the reflection to Click the Subject Mr.Deepak;

You can notice the background lights are yellow, but the reflection on Deepak is White… Now this image will explain the making;

Next is this click at the Ayyanar Temple inside Hotel Heritage. Look at this first click;

Now I tried the same click using flash;

Just found out that a flash light can help in absorbing the power of light opposite to it and help get attention to subject.

Then it was Hackathon inspired Cogzithon session to complete writing content for We completed writing Content to most of our Product & Landing pages… Thanks to Shiva, Sudarshan, Deepak, Ben & Swami… The fact is this my first in-person****athon session.

Then it was a heavy Buffet dinner at Hotel Heritage… Food was delicious and I eventually over ate…

Again it was a Business drive & my talk session with Sudarshan & Swami…

Over all fulfilling and a tiring day… Finally closing the day with this Blog…

Good Night Folks!!!!


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