Hindu is a geographical identity!!! Not a religion


Hindu is a geographical identity, or at the most a cultural one – not a religion. There is no set of beliefs that everyone has to adhere to. Sadhguru

So, what is “HINDUISM” , is it really an organised religion ?

  • people think that Hinduism is a religion that worships idols, animals etc but in reality hinduism is not a relegion, hindu is a geographical identity
  • hindu is a term given by the persians to the people who were followers of the oldest civilization of sanatana dharma
  • there is no founder of hinduism and its not only about beliefs its about seeking
  • in hinduism you dont have to believe in specific god or even god , hinduism accept even atheists
  • in vedas a sacred scripture it is written that truth is one but paths are different
  • there are many paths to realise the truth – bhakti(devotion), jyana(knowledge by scriptures, meditation)
  • in sanskrit we say it adhyatma , it says to find the god within you by self realisation yoga , tantra, advaita , sankhya, etc are the parts of hinduism
  • many great people like buddha, vivekananda, ramkrishna paramhansa, ramana maharshi , gorakshanath, adi shankracharya etc were followers of sanatana dharma
  • today millions of people in the world are doing yoga which is an orthodox school of hinduism
  • hinduism itself is a spritual science , vedas , upanishads are the oldest holy scriptures which are not only for any particular relegion but for the whole mankind
  • hinduism is a philosphy , a way of life and its not a relegion , other name of hinduism is sanatan dharma from which buddhism, jainism, sikkhism originated , sanatan means eternal and it is for the whole mankind not for any community or religion…

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