Fastest Development of a Locality

Coimbatore is one city which I admire a lot and also thought of getting settled sometime soon… In Coimbatore, Vadavalli was my favorate locality…

I first went to Vadavalli during 2010, when my friend Nanda moved his office NDot… For next two years I’ve frequented this locality often and thought of buying a property & even thought of setting Naturals Beauty Salon franchisee…

I always enjoyed my drive from Agri University till Marudamalai…

Because of my busy business schedule during 2012 & personal commitments during 2013, I couldn’t frequent Coimbatore…

I was going to Tusker Valley Resort through this locality yesterday I was was startled at the development… I’ve never see such a blasting & fast development even in Chennai or Bangalore…

Personally I’m saddened as I lost a locality which is for sure gonna unlovable & unliveable…

2 Comments on “Fastest Development of a Locality

  1. It reminds me of a great old saying, “to get something, you have to lose something.” It’s true in the case of developments. Nature is lost at the cost of concrete emerging concrete jungles.

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